About Us

New Stratford Rd Location

Bendall’s Pharmacy was first know as Dillehay’s Drug Store. It was started in the 1950’s and was in several locations, one of which was in downtown Decatur.

Dillehay’s became Bendall’s Pharmacy in 1988 when Jack Bendall moved Dillehays Drug Store out of the doctor complex that is still next door to the pharmacy into its current building. Jack Bendall owned the pharmacy in its current location until April 1, 2000. This is when the current owner, Tim Douthit and his wife Shannon, bought the business from Jack. Tim has owned and operated the business since then and has been successful due to the many wonderful employees he has had and certainly due to the current staff.The longest running employee is Laura Fite, as she worked for Jack before Tim took over the business. She has continued to work for him in the 14 years he has owned the business.

We will always strive to provide the best service I think that any pharmacy in our area has to offer.